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DVI cable

DVI Is based on TMDS (TransiTION Minimized Differential Signaling).TMDS uses advanced coding algorithm to convert 8bit data (each primary color signal in R, G, B) into 10bit data (including row-field synchronization information, clock information, data DE, error correction, etc.) Through minimum conversion coding. After DC balance, the data is transmitted by differential signal. Compared with TTL, TTL has better electromagnetic compatibility performance, and can realize long-distance and high-quality digital signal transmission with low-cost special cable.Maximum resolution support: 2560x1600, 60Hz/1920x1080, 120Hz. Connection transmission structure of TMDS technology. Digital Video Interface (DVI) is an international open interface standard, which is widely used in PC, DVD, HDTV, high definition projector and so on.  DVI line advantage: the transmission is the digital signal, the digital image information does not need to pass through any conversion, can be transmitted directly to the display equipment, therefore reduced the digital-analog-digital tedious conversion process, saved the time greatly, therefore its speed is quicker, eliminates the smear phenomenon effectively, moreover uses DVI to carry on the data transmission, the signal has not attenuated, the color is purer. More realistic, clear picture, support HDCP protocol.

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